Tuesday, October 15, 2013

E Turns Two: {Better Late Than Never}

Elise had a birthday (and all the sudden she went from being one to two...how DOES that happen!?)....and somehow I'm just now getting around to posting some pics from her party and actual birthday.

We went with an owl theme, but honestly I just kind of threw everything together last minute.  Here's our spread...
That one above is the best we got...I look a little funny, but E and Daddy look cute, so we'll go with it!

Blowing out the candles.  E was a bit uncertain what all the attention was about (at one point she even reached for me to get out of her chair), so Mama helped her blow 'em out ;)
I know you want to see a better pic of that amazing cake that our friend Zuzana made...so here ya go.  Didn't she do an awesome job!?!
Since Jas LOVES grilling, he was happy to crank out some hot dogs and stuffed peppers (thanks for the recipe, McClures). 
And E loves eating, so she was down with the hot dogs and food table.  
Little funny face girl.  While she might have been a bit intimidated with all the candle-blowing attention, she didn't bat much of an eye when it came to opening her presents.  Girl knows what's up ;)

And then on her actual birthday, a few days later, our big two year old got sprinkle pancakes and gobbled them down.  What can we say?  The girl is a good eater.  Unfortunately I was quite under the weather on her actual birthday, so she and Daddy took a trip to see the trains which she loved.  I think she had a very good day...love her.
Oh Eebs, you're growing so fast.  Two fits you well so far, baby girl.

(And for the record, Nora was asleep for much of the party and thus is not in many of the pictures.  And also, somehow I forgot to get a pic of everyone that was there...bummed about that!)

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  1. Happy birthday sweet E!! And OMG, love that owl cake. Tell Zuzana she is amazing!


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