Saturday, February 1, 2014

Elise Was Here {and I'm glad}

Sometimes I feel like I'm always picking up and cleaning up after things only to turn around and find it all back on the floor again.  You moms feel me?

It can be tiring.

But then yesterday I turned and saw Elise had left her tutu out in front of the door by the balcony.  Obviously we're not using the balcony much now thanks to snowy conditions, so I wasn't in a hurry to pick it up as there were more pressing tasks awaiting me.

And I just never got around to it.

Then today I pulled out my camera and realized that there it still lay.  A reminder that yes this is most certainly a period of messy and ever constant clean up, but also a reminder that this tutu is worn by a little girl who's going through a fun dress-up phase now.  It's a reminder that one day these messes will be gone and while I'm sure it'll be fine to have a clean house, I know I'll miss little girls running around in tutus.

So, there it still lays.  And that's just ok.  Perhaps I'll pick it up tomorrow ;)

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