Monday, February 10, 2014

Nora Rose: Ten Months!

Maybe everything is magnified by the fact that N has started taking steps on her own this month, but MAN she sure seems to be growing up so, so fast.  Where did our baby girl go!?

She's ten months old today, this one.
Taking a monthly photo of her lying down has become increasingly difficult, of course.  So we're going with what we got here :)

A rundown on our N presently:

- Weighing in around 16 or 17 pounds (lost some weight after sickness in December and January)…but has a voracious appetite these days!

- Pulls up on everything, cruises all the time, and as of yesterday she's getting her walk on by herself…one tiny (sideways) step at a time!  So cute.  And happening so fast (SLOWWWW DOWN!)

- Eats quite well, though fruits are most definitely her favorites.  She's a big fan of banana yogurt as well.

- Dances  (more like bounces) when music is on.  The cuteness.

- Is usually content when her sister is around.  They've had quite a good many giggle sessions as of late. 

- Says "Dada" and "Baba" but has only said "Mama" maybe a handful of times.

- Still nursing first thing in the morning and before bedtime, but she's seeming more and more ready to drop the bedtime feed.  I'm thinking sooner than later.

- Thinks Mama is her own personal jungle gym (and pulls my hair out all the time, haha) and LOVES to smile at her Daddy Boy.

- While she's not got a lot going on currently in the hair department, her third tooth is starting to come in!
 Oh these girls…always up to something.  Giggling at, yep, you guessed it…Daddy Boy.
That above is most definitely a blurry picture, but I wanted to throw it in here anyway…big moments for our tiny girl…getting her walk on!!

Nora Rose, you are truly a little light.  We love you to the great big moon and all the way back.

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