Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Nora Rose: 18 Months!

Our Nora Rose will be eighteen months old in a few days, and it seems a while since I've blogged about her growing up-ness.  Goodness how time just goes on and on.

First how about some of what she's up to at the ripe age of a year and a half :)

Naps, generally, once a day after lunch, but will occasionally still take that morning nap.  Poor babes is usually on the go with us in the mornings, so that one can be hit or miss.

Eats all. day. long.  Snacks, rather.  Is not a big "meal" eater.  She does have her opinions on what she likes, which has been the source of a tiny toddler throw down or two.  She loves, loves, pretzels, gummies, most fruit, and bagels.  

Is big into babies these days!  So cute.  Really likes dance parties.  Will generally play whatever sissy is playing.  She's really good at making a mess, too ;)

Makes all sorts of faces.
Loves to sing "Let it Go," from Frozen.
Still pinches Mama's (and other's) arms for comfort...?? haha.
Loves and has to sleep with her Alex (Monk Monk).
Tells me when she needs her diaper changed.
Is a big, big fan of snuggling.
Likes to "read' books, but her attention span is nearly nonexistent ;)
(I'm guessing you can tell from those photos that girlfriend has a lot of personality packed into a tiny little body ;)

Love this sweet little lady!

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  1. She looks SO big in that 1st photo! Hard to believe she's 18 months. I think it'll be fun to see her little personality unfold in the years to come. :)


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