Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Life + Baby Palmer No. 3!

Well hello there, ole blog...we used to be good buddies, right?  Pardon me while I dust things off...it's been awhile! 

Man how life happens.  Seasons change.  Babies grow (Elise is 3.5 and Nora will soon be 2!).  New babies form.

(In case you missed that announcement....)
And that's what life has thrown at me as of the past few months.

You see, I'm not one of these gloriously glowing pregnant women...nope, not me, not at all.  I'm a sickly pregnant woman.  At least for the large majority of the first part of pregnancy.  And that's what I've been as of late (er, the past couple months)...sick.  Like the kind of sick that has kept me in the house and by the toilet.  See, I told ya, glorious.  It hasn't been pleasant, but at the same time I've been (oddly) grateful for the sickness because for me it's been a sign of reassurance. 

As crazy as that sounds, this pregnancy has been such an emotional roller coaster.  I won't go into it too much here (ask me in person!), but heaven gained two precious ones prior to this pregnancy and it has put my senses on hyperdrive this time around.  Ridiculous.  Scary.  Fear-filled moments.  Every little sign/symptom/change has caused me to analyze "Is this baby ok?"  "What's happening?"  I can unfortunately admit I've allowed myself to be robbed of some joy this go, and that saddens me.  It's been...intense.

But we're getting there.  This little one and I.  And as I can see the light of day (aka slowly feeling like a normal human again), I am striving (trying) to rejoice in this little life in me and praise the One who created it.  No matter what happens.

And that's been the challenge...trusting Him fully and surrendering my wants/needs/desires.  Obeying.  It's a journey.

Bringing us to now...I'm 16 weeks! (and already in maternity clothes yeesh!)
New and exciting things:
Feeling baby move for the first couple of times (15 weeks 5 days, and Jas felt it too...albeit briefly)
Starting to find food slowly more appealing
Less nausea/throwing up
Anxious to learn what it will be (boy/girl! excited! in a few weeks!)

So in summation, we are excited, thankful, and hopeful for this little one's life.  We're grateful for the opportunity to be parents again and look forward to seeing who this little person will become! Thanks for joining us in prayer for his/her life...it means a lot to us!  Truly.

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  1. I've missed you blogging! Glad you are slowly starting to feel a little better. You look great!


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