Monday, February 8, 2010

Bowlin' and the The 'Bowl

Sunday was a day full of bowlin' for us Palmers. 

After church, we took one of the Youth Sunday School classes out for a trip to the bowling alley (they won a challenge).

It was fun, but I can say I have NOT been bowling in a long time...since the night before our wedding (see the picture below for a visual explanation)!

And of course, I am still trying to figure out the manual setting on my camera (I know, I know...slowwwww).  But here are some attempts.

And let's talk about how completely horrible I am at bowling.  Please just call me BOWLING CHAMP.  Take note that by the 4th frame I had not scored more than 3 points.  I rock! ha!

Then after an afternoon of bowling, we headed to the Holloway's to watch some Super Bowl action (I called it...go Saints! ;)

And what Super Bowl party is complete without lots of food...Take a look at that spread!

And a final, candid shot taken by Morg or Kels

And that was our Sunday!


  1. It's so cute that you took them bowling! I am awful at bowling...don't feel bad. Also, I love that shot. You and Jason look so cute!

    Yes, can we please be bloggy friends?!

  2. I didn't know it was possible to only score 3 points by the 4th frame....that takes talent! Haha....but can you be THAT bad at bowling? Jk. Awe I miss picking on you....especially about your cooking ;) haha.

    That one hurt a lil...didn't it?


  3. I love to bowl, but am not very good at it, even if I did take a bowling class in college!

    Charity, you are so cute when you bowl!

    What an adorable picture of the two of you!

    I love you!


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