Sunday, February 21, 2010


I think I've blogged about this before, but laundry and I are not getting along lately!

I am not sure how two people can manage to pile up SO much laundry.  It's CRAZY! I'm scared to think about the laundry in our future (when our family grows).  Yikes!

This is what I will be doing today.  Folding, folding, and more folding.

And there's one other pile around here. This pile of books I am wanting to read (Jason also has his own pile...).

I have already started about three of these books.  Looks like it might take me the rest of the year to finish them all at this rate.  Whew!

So what PILES do you have around your house?


  1. Well, since you asked....we get piles of newspapers/coupons/mail around here, and piles of dirty clothes, but we're pretty good about managing the freshly laundered clothes and putting them away quickly.

    What's that book by Kati Marlon? I can't read the title. Just curious. :)


  2. I read the Glass Castle and it's quite amazing to hear her recall her crazy family story!


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