Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Craft: Freezer Paper Stencils

Ok, so now a craft is coming your way that is non-Christmas related.  However, since I coined this week "Christmas craft week" and since this is one of the last full weeks where I've had a good bit of free time, this project just fit in nicely.

It's one I've been wanting to try for some time.


The neat thing about this is you can stencil on most any type of fabric from shirts to tote bags and everything in between.  They would make great Christmas presents (snap! why didn't I think of that!?)

Here's what you'll need:  freezer paper, fabric paint, an X-acto knife, an iron, your fabric of choice (I chose two shirts I already had on hand)

Here's what ya do:

1)  Figure out what design you want to use.  I chose a bird on a limb and then created a cupcake image.  I drew out the cupcake, and I traced a font I had printed out from the computer.  Worked like a charm!

2)  You can either draw straight onto the freezer paper or trace onto it. Then using your X-acto, carefully cut out all your pieces.  You'll want to cut out the main shape first, then cut out your smaller pieces.

3)  Use your iron, on the hottest setting for your fabric, and iron down the freezer paper where you want your stencil on the fabric.

4)  Dab your fabric paint and fill in the stencil.  Don't stroke, or over dab, it'll make it streaky or puffy.  Let dry overnight (just to be on the safe side).

5)  When it's completely dry, peel off the freezer paper.  Then heat set it with an iron (by either ironing on it inside out or by putting a thin piece of cloth over your design and then ironing).

6)  Don your newly designed tee, tote, or whatnot.  SWEET.

For a very good freezer paper stencil tutorial, click here.

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  1. Love the bird on the limb. Where did you get all that talent? Memom?


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