Thursday, December 2, 2010

One of those moments

You know the kind I'm referring to...

The kind of moments that just make you feel special and like you somehow made a difference even when you weren't sure you did.

Yeah, one of those.

Jas and I took some biscuits to some of the teachers at Carrington (where I taught Spanish) this morning.  When we walked in I ran into three of my former students.

Now these students weren't the easiest students to get along with or work with.  They were, oh, how do you say...challenging.

But they walked up with big smiles on their faces and one of them (the most challenging of the aforementioned three) said "Mrs. Palmer!  Why did you leave us!?  We miss you!"

Awww...that was one of those moments.  One of those just plain 'ole feel good moments.  One of those where I thought to myself "hey, maybe, just maybe, they got a little something/learned from our time together just as I learned from the time spent with them."

Did I do everything perfectly when teaching?  Heck no, Joe!  Did I mess up A LOT?  You betcha!  Did I get frustrated and agitated with non-compliant and unwilling to listen students?  Sure thing.  Did I learn more than I taught?  Most definitely.

But did I maybe make a small difference in a student's life?  I'd like to think so :)

So to all you teachers out there (or all two that read this 'lil blog), hang in there!  It may not happen right away, but one day, you just may have one of those feel good moments.

And you just may have some of these...

(and yes, that just happened...I just added a picture of goofy but cute warm fuzzies to our blog...)


  1. Awe! I always wondered what warm fuzzies actually looked like :) That's a great story too, I love those moments!

  2. love those moments too... they make the long days and hard weeks worth it!


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