Friday, February 11, 2011

His Favorite Pastime

Last Sunday was one of those super exciting, sunny you just can't wait to be out in!

So after small group and lunch, Jas hit up the bait and tackle room, selected a pole and headed toward the pond (a quite large one, I must add).

And because you all know I jump on any opportunity to take pictures, here's what I got...

There ya have man at his finest (and goofiest ;)

And I'm sad to say he caught no fish that day (but don't tell him I told you so! shhhh)


  1. This will be longest comment ever, but worth it because you'll have a story to tell at the dinner table tonight.
    While we were where you are, some of our single girl friends asked some of the single guys there to teach them to fish. They guys got all the stuff ready and at the last minute the girls had to cancel to babysit for a couple who needed a date night. They were cool with it and rescheduled. The rescheduled time however was forgotten about by the girls and so the guys taught the girls a lesson about standing their friends up. When the girls got back to their room that night (in the America's) they heard something in their bathroom. They turned on the lights and opened the door only to find about a dozen fish in THEIR TUB! Water and everything. Some alive a few not. On a completely unrelated note, a few days later, the guys ended up with several dozen live crickets let loose in their quad-room. Good times!

  2. That baby has to wait until the 23rd....... My birthday - Love and luck you guys---Angel


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