Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some Updates!

We're back with a few updates (ya know how things are going these days...we're slow at updating around here for a few more weeks :)

Our time in VA:  Things are going well!  We're over half way there...whoo hoo!  It's been a good time.  A tiring time.  But a good time of growth and learning.  Today we had some good, quality time with the Lord, which was much needed.

Nausea and other such pregnancy-related items:  Yes, nausea and I have been constant companions over the past four or so weeks.  So in addition to snacking lots, drinking plenty of water (thanks to my husband's intense "encouragement" if you will), and taking naps, I have been going to bed EARLY!!  One night I was even in bed at 5 about TIRED...whew.

Cute tid-bits:  The grandparents are excited about this little one.  Jason's parents have already outfitted our little one with the best sports gear around (we're talking ASU and Carolina, friends).  My mama also sewed this sweet blanket for the baby...

Jas and his non-pregnant health:  He has had a cold, but is thankfully on the up and up.  In other news, he has been getting to bed pretty early too!

Thanks again for the prayers and always, it's appreciated :)


  1. Char! Your mom is SO talented. I love the blanket. And I love how you gave an update on Jason's "non-pregnant health" lol. Maybe he will get some sympathy nausea for you :)


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