Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A 'Lil Note to my Camera

Dear Camera,

I really miss you.  Like really, a lot.  I have picked you up MAYBE once since having been here in Virginia.  That's more than a week...and that's far too long, my dear friend.  My fingers long to have you in them, to click away, and feel reunited!  My creative side is feeling a bit deprived...and you're the solution.  So what do you say, can we please make a date soon? I know a great icy pond (with beautiful morning views) where we can hang out a while...

Missing you,

P.S.-- here's a picture of me with the newest part of you (remember, your new lens!)


  1. I love the 35mm prime lens! It's definitely on my wishlist. I got to shoot with a friends's from work and I am totally hooked. A close second is the 55mm prime :)

  2. I like seeing your sweet face! Miss you!


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