Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Double Digits (10 Months)

Oh gracious...there's a little girl in this house that is no longer in the single-digit months!

Lil E is officially 10 months old.

Weight:  My best guess now she's around 19 pounds.

Fun Facts:
*  We had her checked out in Greece and this girl is a TALL and THIN one.
*  She now points if she wants something, which is both precious and difficult because it can be a guessing game as to what she wants (we are learning some signs right now, which should make things easier).
*  She can take some steps with help, but is a great cruiser and is constantly moving herself from place to place either by quickly crawling or by holding on and going from one piece of furniture to the next.
*  She's still holding out on the teeth!  We keep thinking it will be any day, but nope, she's still got the gummy grin :)
*  She really loves books, balls, and climbing up in to her rocking chair...those are her favorites these days.
*  She's quite personable and likes to smile at strangers lots.
*  Quite the eater is our girl.  She can put down some FOOD (I think she gets that honestly from both her mama and her dada).  The nursery worker this past week in Greece told us she ate all her own food and then started going for other kids' food.  That's our girl ;)
*  Getting her in her high chair and stroller at times can be quite the challenge.  She's started to express her dislike for them both (but only at random times...???)
*  She went to the beach for the first time this past week and LOVED it.  We also hit up the pool.  I think she'll be a swimmer yet, yahoo!!!
*  Right now both she and I are fighting a cold.  Booooo.  I'm quite congested and her nose has been running all afternoon.  We returned from Greece with the crunk and hopefully it'll be outta here soon.

And I'll end with some outtakes from our lil photo shoot today.  She was less than happy to be my model...I'll blame it on the runny nose, lil baby (though I must say that far right one particularly cracks me up ;)

Elise Noelle, you bring us great joy.  Happy 10 months, sweet girl.  We LOVE you!


  1. Precious as always. :) Love the month updates!

  2. HAHA! Love the out-takes ;) And umm, is it sad that Bennett is only 2 pounds lighter than Elise and his thighs are seriously the same size as hers at 3 months?


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