Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Straight to the Mouth

First, how about a little background?

Our girl LOVES to eat.  I mean, when food comes out she knows it means business.  It's even to the point where she'll chase down some snacks in her bag.  The girl loves. her. food.

So that means that she is constantly putting things in her mouth.  And for the sake of not wanting to forget, I'm putting it here for you to share in the scariness/grossness (is that a word?) with me!

The most recent items that have found their way into her mouth are:

a random dried piece of something from the ground
a marble
an air soft pellet (this was quite scary)
a piece of fuzz
a piece of plastic

And the KICKER (this really grossed me out)...

a very lovely cigarette butt (UGH)

Now at first glance it may appear that I'm failing in the mothering category.  You may say, HOW are you NOT catching her from eating all these things?

Let me just say, the girl is fast.  In some cases it happens before I/we even realized she was heading for it.  But, thankfully, she's yet to truly swallow any of the above things.

And, if we're being honest, it's just a part of life.  It's a stage she's going through.  Everything goes straight to the mouth.  And while it totally grossed me out when I realized she put a CIGARETTE BUTT in her mouth, I later chuckled because it's all part of her learning.  Maybe next time that cigarette butt won't look as appetizing?  Here's hoping! Life experiences, I tell ya...

And let's end with a picture of one of her favorite places to find things to eat...under her high chair of course!


  1. My 2nd went through a phase about a year ago where, for a couple months, he seemed to be seeking out cigarette butts. And since every male in this country smokes, they aren't hard to find. One night at a restaurant, "Where's Isaiah?" (couldn't find him for a minute) We found him under a table munching on cigarette butts. G to the ROSS!!!! :) He came out of it thankfully :)

  2. Oh my! I sooooo remember those days :) So grateful the Lord is sovreign.....I used to worry myself sick that surely they would perish if I missed one iota of their lives....I was (am) such a control freak :)....grateful he is ALWAYS watching and he is really in control!


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