Sunday, July 15, 2012

From the REAL Deal

From the real deal...the real camera, that is.

It seems I've posted many pics from my phone lately (thank you very much, instagram) and have failed in uploading and using the pics from our legit camera.  (I go through these cycles...tell me I'm not alone?!?)

In between meetings, hangouts, small group, Bible study, language study, Wednesday play group, newsletters, cleaning, buying gifts, weddings (yay!), and so on, these smaller everyday moments are the details that make our life, well, ours together.  And I like it.  I want to remember them.  I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again, it's why I blog.  I like that we can have an online journal to look back on years from now (even if I'm the only one who looks back it :)

So, without further ado, all the goings on from lately captured by the Nikon...

He decided he wanted to grow a 'stache.  Let's just say after a few days without some lip action he decided to forego it (sorry you guys who encouraged him to keep it...kissing may just be more influential ;)

The ever constant results of Hurricane Elise!

She's been wearing more shoes lately because she's exploring the mess out of her surroundings (though she's not technically walking yet...she gets closer every day).  That bottom pair she's pretty much outgrown and worn out, so we settled for some adorable pink high tops.  Love 'em.

Getting things done with the help of Wunderlist, my favorite app.  And yes, I have already started thinking of ideas for Elise's birthday...maybe I have some overachiever tendencies ;)

Step in to his office.  Poor guy has to get all his work done right there on that couch with plenty of background noise from his wife and daughter (though I think here he's reading sports haha).  One perk, however, he wears whatever he wants to the office! :)

A favorite box of toys that stays in the living room.  I try to rotate them out weekly, but sometimes it ends up being bi-weekly.

And finally, we cherish the moments when this little one sleeps.  Not because we don't love it when she's awake, but it certainly makes for more pleasant and less cranky awake times when she gets good sleep.  Sleeping just isn't this girl's jam...she'd much rather be taking in the world around her.

So this week we pack up for Greece and head off to a conference.  Hopefully in between the meetings we can soak up a sun ray or two :) We'll see!

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