Monday, June 24, 2013

At 21 Months...

...our Elise is a little stinker.  But the cutest, most joyful and fun little stinker we know.

I just wanted to get some of the random things she's doing out there for memory's sake (I've been known to have a pretty rotten memory and that's one of the reasons I blog so as to hopefully not forget quality life moments :)

*She's a solid sleeper this one...which is a blessing seeing as how she was a lousy nap-taker as a baby.  Glad she's gotten that straightened out ;)  She takes one two-hour (sometimes longer) nap starting right after lunchtime. 

*Girl repeats ever-y-thing.  And I love it.  It's pretty hilarious. She's also learned how to say how old she is, her name, and she can sing most of the ABC's, as well as count (though she needs some help with the counting).

Waiting on the water...she is obsessed with water.

 *Potty training has been an adventure, but I feel like she was pretty ready, so that has made it easier.  I guess we've taken the slower, process-based approach as opposed to the three day approach, but it's working for us.  She knows where to do both 1 and 2 and will usually go straight there to do so now.  However, if she's into an activity or watching a video, etc., she's much more reluctant to stop it and go to the potty.  So, we do still have some accidents.  When we go out I'm getting braver at taking extra pants and just leaving her in undies, and she's been doing well with it.  We're getting there!

*This little lady is becoming a great big sis.  She loves giving her kisses and wants to hold her more now.  She does have moments of jealousy still, but overall she's great at loving on her "Nory."

*There's not much E won't eat.  She's a pretty great eater, usually.  She doesn't love veggies, though she seems to be open to trying them (she downed cucumber today and will gladly eat carrots if there's dip around, haha).  She loves all fruits, of course, and will generally eat most of what we put in front of long as she's not tired or cranky, as a rule of thumb.

*Music is her jam!  She will stop anytime she hears music (generally when we're outside...which she also loves) and break out a jig.  I love love it when she does!

*Two activities that she's in to currently:  jumping on the bed and playing mommy to her babies.  I think she would jump on the bed all day long if we let her.  And she loves nursing her babies (hehe), burping them, kissing them, and putting them to sleep.  Sweet girl.

*She seems to like art a good bit and I'm totally down with that.  She's tried crayons, markers, stickers, finger paints, real paints, water colors, stencils, and play doh.  At this point none of them really hold her attention for too long, but she'll ask to do them rather frequently.  Can't wait to see her creativity develop (whether in art or not!).

Oh, Eebs, we love you :)


  1. She is still definitely a Palmer, but I love the way she scrunches up her nose when she smiles...that is Charity! So is her emerging artsy-crafty side. :)
    Sarah cannot wait to see all of you in Germany. We love and miss you all!

  2. Wish I could see her break into dance... video! video! PS - I like Nora's nickname.

  3. What a sweet girl! That's so fun she's talking more and even potty training. We need some of that at our house ;) I bet she is a wonderful big sister!


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