Monday, June 3, 2013

These Little Messes

This morning started out with a bang.  And by that I mean by 6:30 am I had encountered four different types of bodily fluids.  And yes, that is possible (and I don't mean my own).  Ok, ew, gross.  Just saying, this morning was, well, challenging.

Two little girls with very stuffy noses.  One couldn't sleep at night because of it and also had trouble nursing due to it being hard to breath.  The other little one is just learning to blow her own nose and use the potty...yep, that should explain some of it ;)

So, all in all, Jas and I were up early and faced with lots of fun.  ha!

But then things settled down and we got into the routine of the morning and I had a brief moment to upload some recent pictures.

And as I was looking back through them I realized that crazy moments will come and go, but these little chillin's of ours won't be young forever.  Time just does its thing, ya know?

And I had a renewed sense of thankfulness in my heart.  Even though I had been covered in spit-up, snot, and the like.  Nothing deep or profound, just simple thankfulness in realizing that this mom thing isn't glamorous, but it's worth it.

Babies have the most perfect lips, wouldn't you agree?

This little one really likes perching there :)

Big smile.  Love it.

Alright, I'm totally jealous of her amazing lashes (but OH so glad she got 'em from her dad!)


  1. "The early years of parenting are really just lessons in dealing with bodily fluids"...sagely words of comfort offered to us when Isaac was teeny tiny. They stuck with me bc they're true! SO glad you found thankfulness in it today! That's the kind of thing that keeps it joyful.
    Little Miss Nora looks more and more like her Mama with each passing blogpost! Keep the pics coming (snotty and the like!)

  2. Not glamorous but worth it...a good word to a soon-to-be-mama. Pretty girls...Nora looks super alert and Elise does have some gorgeous big blue eyes! I like those last few pictures of her.

  3. haha, Your posts always make me giggle. I like your comment about E blowing her nose and potty training at the same time... ha! N is looking much more alert these days too. And it's like you said- even through all the gross, it's SO worth it. Love being a mom!


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