Thursday, May 30, 2013

Girls' Room Redo

This is the post of a long overdue update on the girls' room.

When we first moved in, I really was bummed that the walls were all white.  And now, slowly, I've grown to love the fact that everything is white and I can add pops of color wherever I want.  I'm a white convert! (though I still prefer a good colored wall :)

Elise's big girl bed (which she is not yet in and still won't be for a little bit longer) also doubles as our guest bed.  So far that is working out great!  Nora will be moved in to the crib and E will eventually be in her bed and this will be their shared room.

I'm in love with that map that was gifted to me (thanks, Steph!) and obviously I went a little crazy with the washi tape :)  It probably doesn't look like it, but there is enough room to open the drawers on Nora's dresser.  This room is spacious enough, though awkwardly shaped, so we had to get creative with the room layout.

Speaking of washi tape, I made this (super easy) little banner to hang above their handprints and footprints from when they were both a week old.  Nora's are on the left and Elise's on the right.

I also found these prints at IKEA and I'm in love with them.  Colorful, fun, and cute...nothing better.

These shelves are filled up with various baby items, books, toys, etc.  (Can you tell that this room is about 95% IKEA...if only there were good thrift stores around here...there are practically none!)

Next up, Nora's crib, which once was Elise's (still currently is)...

Obviously we have a few stuffed animals :)

Then there's Elise's future big girl bed/guest bed.  I was quite excited to find a colorful polka dotted duvet for her bed.  The pillows were made by my talented mama.

So, there you have it...our colorful big girl/little girl/guest room.  I kinda love it :)


  1. You did a great job Char! I love all the colors together. And I can't believe E will be in a big girl bed! Goodness!

  2. Really, REALLY cute! Love the rug under E's big girl bed too! :)

  3. Looks awesome! The color is way too fun!

  4. I love, love, love, love, love, love their room!!!!! I want those dressers. I want an IKEA!!!! The bedspread and pillows are perfect together. ... ALL those animals, lol! ... And love that you have matching hand and foot prints. ;-)


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