Thursday, May 16, 2013

Some Post-Baby Thoughts

I thought for posterity's sake I would write out a few of my most recent post-baby thoughts.  Maybe if for nothing else I can remember it for the future...or just to have it written down to remember how I was feeling during these days.

Whatever it is, here goes...

- Having a baby the second time around somehow feels easier.  I had heard this was true, but I'm realizing that I don't seem to worry about every little thing like I did the first time.  I'm super thankful for this (though admittedly I'm still a worry-wart, I'll call it like it is).

- That whole thing about losing weight gets harder with the more babies you have...yeah, it's true (at least for me).  It's ok, though, it's just ok.

- I still don't love getting up in the middle of the night (really, who does?), but I am trying hard to soak up every moment with the babe as I remember just how quickly it goes...

- I've learned so much about grace.  Serious God-given grace.  I'm reminded daily that I'm a sinner who fails and lo and behold, our children copy, glean, and learn things they see in us (Elise is my little mirror these days!).  That's scary.  Really scary.  But thankfully, there's hope for me and for them.  Gosh, I need that hope.  So do they.

- I can't do it on my own.  I'm thankful for my hubs who is truly a great dad, and for friends and family who are willing to travel cross-country to help, or send an encouraging email to give words of affirmation, or tell you that you look pretty even when they've seen you wear your hair in a braid for the millionth time :)

- Speaking of hair, I'm not kidding, today was the first day I "fixed" my hair in well over a month...and that's because my mama's in town.  Haha!  It's no joke the whole "you don't have time to yourself" thing post-baby...especially no time to worry about stinkin' fixing your hair :)  Oh well.  Braids will just have to do!

- Finally, I've realized I'm selfish.  I want an hour to just go sit and read a book.  Or I want an hour to just take a long shower and shave my legs (yep, I said it).  Or I want an hour to just SLEEP!  I'm selfish.  My girls will be selfish.  But I hope and pray they will see more than my selfishness in me and know that I'll take the sleeplessness and the unread books because they're worth it.

And I don't normally post pics of just me on here (for some reason it feels strange to me)...but it just seems right with this post :)

Photo credit: hubs.  Hair credit:  two totally awesome babes :)

Signing out,
This mama who has SO much more to learn.


  1. Love these. There's so much God has to teach us through parenthood that just doesn't happen otherwise it seems!
    My thoughts in particular-
    1. Why do you think my hair is above my ears now?!
    2. We heard it said once and it's TOTALLY true, "Marriage shows you THAT you are selfish. Having children shows you just HOW selfish you really are." :)

    Keep it up Mama and keep praying down that grace for you and your babies. We can't do it without it!

  2. Really like reading your honest post-baby thoughts. I'm not yet a mama but I'd say none of them are a shock or surprise to any mamas out there! Keep tabs on what all you're learning because when I'm feeling the same way here soon you can speak into my life. :) Love you friend and love seeing you as a mama! Those girls are blessed for sure!


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