Friday, May 10, 2013

Nora: One Month

Has it seriously already been a month since little bitty was born?!

I guess I'm trying to be in denial, but it's true...Nora is a month old today.

Somehow taking her picture today wasn't among her ideas of fun...thus the pouty face ;)

A few fun facts:

At her last check-up she weighed in at 9 pounds 2 ounces (4150 grams).

This girl reaaaaally likes to eat, or maybe just be near Mama.  Particularly in the evenings (her fussy time).

She's the cuddliest little thing to nap with.  Love it.

Generally speaking she's been going down around 10 pm and sleeping until somewhere around 3 am.  Then she's ready for a diaper change and some milk which is followed by more sleep until around 8 am.  She stays awake a large part of the morning and naps again from early afternoon to early evening. Repeat (each day varies, of course, but this is kind of what her little body's rhythm seems to be doing as of now, and I'm ok with that)

She's mostly wearing size 3 month clothing already...goodness.

And she's a little doll (Elise literally thinks she is a doll, tee hee :)

She's quite loved around here.

And while Nora wasn't really up for an individual shot, she did decide it was ok to have her pic taken with her Big Sis...

I do believe that one will be one of my favorites for some time to come.  How do they already have the same facial expression?  Love those little messes.  Happy one month, sweet N!


  1. Fantastic pics and great post! Thanks and I can't believe she is one month old. Time flies.

  2. Beautiful girls! I also love that last picture.

  3. I cannot believe it either! She is a fast growing girl it sounds like. And that last picture is definitely a keepsake! PS- that onesie is totally you!!! ;-)


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