Friday, May 24, 2013

Catching Up With Some Videos

Lately I've been thinking there are two things I'd like to do more of with the girls...
1) Take more video.  We've really slacked off on this (or rather, never been great at it in the first place)
2) Get in more pictures with the girls.  A lot of times we just take pics OF them, but we need to be IN them too!  So Operation Get In The Picture has commenced :)

Below is some fun, random footage of Elise being her little cute self (and a clip of Nora too!).  Nothing special, per say, just plain and simple toddler cuteness.

A few fun notes on the video above:
- The girl LOVES Mother Goose Club videos these days and can sing along with many of them.
- At the end of this one she says a few words/phrases we love to hear her say (Geraldine is from the book 'Geraldine's Blanket', "awfus"/awesome is my most favorite thing she says, and "dobry den" means good day in Slovak)

A few notes on the video above:
- She was totally NOT in to saying any words for me...haha
- Notice the hair.  Just notice the hair.
- There's a lot of tiny tushie footage at the beginning of this one ;)

A few notes on the video above:
- She's a little obsessed with the WASH (the spider out) part...hahaha.
- I have a ridiculously crazy cackle when I laugh.  Oh gee.

And with that we'll be taking more video because she makes us laugh and all too soon her baby sister will be making us laugh too!


  1. Love seeing this toddler in action :) Keep the videos coming, please. I love that Elise is going at 100 miles an hour doing her thing and Nora is straight chillin. WASH the spider out - haha

  2. I'm so behind on blogs, but finally just got a minute to watch these.... YES! More videos! I love the toddler talk and AWFUS hairdos!! It feels like I'm learning about a whole new side of Elise! PS - One day you need to do a profile shot of Elise, Jason and Grandpa because they all have the same eyes!


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