Friday, August 2, 2013

An Evening on the Balcony

So it's totally hot here.  Especially without air conditioning.  Thus the days are scorching, but the nights are cooler.  Particularly on the balcony.

Elise LOVES being outside, so we've been spending a fair amount of time out on the balcony in the evenings.  We draw with chalk, talk, sing, dance, watch what's going on below us, or play with toys.  It's just simple fun.

Sometimes we bring N's mat out on the balcony with us, but this night she was just right inside playing calmly so we let her stay there.  And yes, E really does need a haircut ;)

Three cheers for a balcony on warm summer evenings!


  1. I love E's hair!...the one pic it looks "crimped" with the way the sun is shining on it :-) and I find it so incredibly foreign that you don't have a/c. We didn't in Kentucky for a long time, but after a few years on the equator I forget how the rest of the world works!!

  2. Love the pictures! Stinks that it's so hot w/o!

  3. I love the one where E has chalk on her face :) And love N's expression on the play mat. And can we talk about how blonde E's hair is getting now?! B's is doing the same thing! Craziness!


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