Saturday, August 10, 2013

Nora Rose: FOUR Months!

I know, I know, I start every blog post this way when it comes to the girls' monthly reports...but REALLY?!  Where does the time go?

Our Nora is four months now...and this past month it seems like she's changed a lot.

This girl weighs in at twelve and a half pounds and is growing growing.

She's a quick eater and is finished in usually under 15 minutes.  Wildness.

She's been rolling from back to belly, but just recently started rolling from belly to back.  Go girl!

Cooing and making funny noises with her lips are her new pastime.  The cuteness.

She loves smiling and just this past week her Daddy got her to laugh out loud.  Love the laugh!

She's in a size 3 to 6 months, mostly.

Sleeping for her has changed some.  She used to sleep straight from 10 pm until 5 am, but these days she's been craving more milk and will wake at 1 am and 4 am, usually.

And she experienced her first sickness this past week...poor baby had a fever and a legit head cold.  All that remains now seems to be a glad we're on the tail end of that mess.

Nora Rose, it's so much fun watching you grow.  We love whoa!


  1. Are you so in love? Precious!

  2. I feel like her eyes have so much to say :) And i love the b&w pic!!

  3. Char I see you pretty well in the pic of her in the polka dot shirt. Usually I have a hard time seeing if small babies take after their mom or dad, but I think she looks like you there. Hate that she was sick!


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