Tuesday, November 12, 2013

With Da Babies...

I feel like it's not all the time that I'm in pictures with the babies.  I usually like (and thus end up) taking them.

But occasionally, Daddy Boy (E's token nickname for Jas) will grab the camera and we'll end up with a keeper or two.

Such as these.
I'm totally in love with E's smile right now.  You ask her to smile and you get mostly bottom teeth :) 
I also love that that one's smile is, well, just beginning.

…and while those smiley ones are "picture perfect"…you know we like to make sure and keep things real around here.  Let's try this one on for size, shall we!?
Ah, that's more like it (I think out of 20 or so pictures, 18 of them looked like the one above ;)

Thanks, Daddy Boy, for capturing the keepers AND the crazy.

And...I'm glad I get to be their mama.


  1. I love that first pic of you and Elise!

  2. So sweet! You're so cute Char :) And as always, the "keepin it real" pics always make me smile. Love yall!

  3. 1. That is hilarious/awesome that E calls Jason daddy boy. 2. I am loving Elise's hair down! 3. Great pictures!!


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