Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Straw Saga

Dear Asheville,

We really enjoyed our stay and our trip to your huge house, Biltmore. However, we have but one complaint. Your straws. Yes, I said your straws.

Our first experience, while super eco-friendly and environmentally practical, left a lot to be desired. You see, these were PAPER straws that we got to use. And while we appreciate your efforts to preserve the earth God created, the paper feeling was quite strange.
Then at another little stop we ate at, we encountered another type of straw. This was a straw, but not REALLY a straw. We're talking the fourth of the size of a real straw, a tiny, barely able to suck up any drink, straw. This straw was even less functional than the biodegradable one. Thanks, but no thanks, for the tiny straw.

(It's a little hard to see--that could either be due to bad lighting, or the sheer lack of straw. We've seen coffee stirrers bigger than this!)

All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay. We'll check back on the straws...

The Palmers


  1. I am totally with you guys! They have those paper straws at Ted's Montana Grill at Southpoint too! I'm all for being eco-friendly and "yay go green" but straws? Really?

  2. Hi! To answer your question, I use a canon digital rebel xsi. I love it!

    The straw thing made me laugh! I love asheville.


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