Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What a Great 2 Years

Two years ago today I began a new journey in life. For you see, the first part of my life was one of darkness. I couldn't really see the great things that God had in store for me. I still remember the day when it all changed. It was as if I came out of a dark tunnel into a bright and glorious light. I have to admit I was really scared. Anything that is new and different usually brings with it both fear and excitement. For me it was more fear. I whimpered like a baby for the longest time due to the fear of this new life I now live. But since this day I have overcome most of this fear though at times I can still see it on the horizon of my life. As I have overcome my fears I have witnessed God do some amazing things with me. I have been used by him to bring joy to those that I am with! For that I am thankful!! Thanks Jason and Charity for taking me in and allowing me to live my first 2 years of life with you!!

I Love You Parents!


P.S.- Happy Birthday Bella


  1. ahhh...what a face! She had steak for breakfast to celebrate her special day...our birthday gift to her.

    love ya, bella!


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