Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Palmer Christmas

Last night we celebrated Christmas with the Palmer side of the family. We are headed to Hickory tomorrow to do my side of the family...then...our anniversary after that! woot woot!

We started Palmer Christmas with some delish cuisine. Ham, broccoli, deviled eggs (mmm...my fav!), beans, potatoes, rolls, and dessert...yum!
Then we proceeded with the present opening. It's always fun to see what everyone gives and gets. Here are some top moments of the night.
Grandma Rodriguez was on a roll giving cookbooks. Above you see Jason with his FOIL cookbook and below me with my FIESTA cookbook. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of Marianne with her CHINESE cookbook. Nathan didn't end up with a cookbook...sadly.

Marianne also got an adorable movie called "Ozzie Boo!" from Grandma R. She loves penguins and this movie is about five happy penguins. Priceless ;)

After gifts and watching "Emmett Otter's Jug Band Christmas" (really cute!), we had a family scrabble tourney.

My letters..WHAT in the world am I going to make with "IAEYEAT" ???

And of course, Donnie Palmer took the cake and won by a blowout. He's the reigning Palmer Scrabble Champ. Looks like I've got a long future ahead of me in Loser Lane ;)

So with that..we're off to Hickory tomorrow for more Christmas festivities with my family. We're blessed to have great families, but more than that, we're blessed that Jesus came to earth for us!!


  1. HaHa - I love me some G-ma Rodriguez! She cracks me up. Also, it looks like Rosanne is on the laptop with that "are you sure that's a word, Donnie??" look on her face =). If so, that is EXACTLY what happens when we play!

  2. OK, now I have to comment again because the security word I just had to type in to post that last comment was "preachit". Ahh the irony!!


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