Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Christmas Challenge

The month of December is a particularly great month to me. I love Christmas time, everything about it. As a matter of fact, here's a few pictures of our decorating...

However, I feel I am constantly reminded that gift giving, decorating (as much as I like it!) and all the amazing things that come with Christmas time are NOT what Christmas is all about. Recently, Jason challenged me with something he has been thinking/writing on. Here's his mini-article..I'll let it do it's own explaining...

"At the end of Christmas Day, do you ever feel unsatisfied from spending a lot of time and money on a one-day event? Maybe this is how you are supposed to feel after you trade the truth of Christmas for a sly, deceptive harlot. Christmas, just like a harlot, consumes your time, energy, and money in exchange for a quick moment of happiness that just as quickly slips away into a dismal, unsatisfied life that is longing for more.

In the Bible we see Christmas as a beautifully scripted divine moment called “the incarnation.” This is where God Almighty Himself entered our world in the form of an innocent, fragile, human babe. Without this moment taking place, Jesus Christ would have never been born – not have lived the sinless life necessary for humanity - never died on the cross in a horrific death - would have never conquered both sin and death with His resurrection, and would not have been able to promise a forgiven, righteous life to those who believe in Him.

Ultimately, without Christmas you would have never been given a second chance to live with God in eternity. Christmas is about God giving us life through Christ. Therefore, Christmas is about us worshipping God for this gift and then sharing His gift, Jesus, to the dying world around us. You do this by living your lives as a reflection of Him, loving and forgiving others. When you do, you will have a fulfilled Christmas."

How's that for revolutionized thoughts on Christmas. That's the true reason we celebrate Christmas.

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