Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Here at Palmer Ponderings we have reached 100 blog posts!  That seems pretty nifty!  Traditionally, people post a list of 100 various things about themselves.  I decided I would just post 10 interesting facts about both Jason and I (so I guess that's 20 interesting facts)...  20 x 5 = 100.  That works somehow, right? ;)  Just go with us here, 100 is a lot, so 20 will have to do!

So here are 10 interesting facts about my hubby, JAS!
1)  He has a really cool birthdate 9-9-81.  9 X 9 =81.  Cool, huh?
2)  He has been a model for both Northern High School and Southeastern Seminary.  Studly!
3)  He has a preciously cute bald spot on the right of his head, affectionately named "Ralph."
4)  He likes to sing and make up random songs.  They are all (mostly) hilarious.
5)  He has recently developed a liking for Chai lattes.
6)  He was known as "Superman" in college (ask him to tell you the story, be assured, it's quite entertaining)
7)  He only wears new tennis shoes once his old ones are COMPLETELY worn out.
8)  His favorite number is 27 ;)
9)  He really loves Birthday Cake ice cream (the Blue Bunny kind ONLY)
10)  Years back he was mistaken as Enrique Iglesias in Haiti...love it!

And here are 10 interesting facts about myself.
1)  I particularly hate green peas.
2)  I have been on the shows MTV and Live with Regis and Kelly (ok, ok, only in the audiences ;)
3)  I like reading. a lot. and wish I had more time to do so!
4)  I lived for (nearly) half a year in Spain and LOVED it.
5)  I secretly (not a secret now, I guess) want to get my hair cut short, short, but am not currently brave enough to do so.  One day...
6)  My college roommates used to make fun of me for having long toes (how mean ;)
7)  I have traveled to 15 countries and hope to travel to many more!
8)  I could eat chocolate chip cookies and pancakes for any meal and be happy (and fat...)
9)  I took ballet for 13 years (and some in college) and miss it A LOT!
10)  Jason and I "talked" for 6 long months on facebook (haha) before we finally started dating.  Oh to think back on those days...

Whew, it was hard to think of just 20 things.  Imagine 100!

And just because I wanted to bust out my sharpies...(art minor, remember), I doodled a little and created this:

Yay for 100 posts :) ha.

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  1. I knew all those about you Char (except maybe that you were that crazy about chocolate chip cookies, and that you have a secret desire to cut your hair REAL short). I'm glad I did. :)



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