Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I have been trying to decide how I want to blog about/document our trip to Haiti this year.  There were so many awesome aspects and so many different parts of each day (the day started at 5 and lasted until about 9), it's been tricky to think back on it all!  I have decided, though, to break it down into 4 blogs:  damage, work, haitians, fellowship.

Today's focus is on the damage done after the February 12th earthquake.  Granted, Haiti (both before and after) has experienced its fair share of poverty and destruction.  Some of the images look like Haiti even before the earthquake, however, there were areas where it was obvious the toll the quake had taken could be seen.  

Here's an overview of some of the damage we saw firsthand while there.

Part of the old church and building at Cite Soleil.

Wall's Guest House...completely gone, minus the pool and room beside it.  Sooooo sad.

Another view inside at Wall's...to show the massive cracks.

Church at Repatriote.  Where those posts are sticking up, all that used to be the sanctuary (or the whole inside of the church).  Completely gone...except for the back part of the building where they were holding a medical clinic.

What's left of the big church/chapel in Port au Prince...once a very recognizable landmark, now is just that, but in a much sadder, far less majestic way : (

A little hard to tell, but the one thing left standing...Jesus on the Cross.  Amazing.

And the main government building...crushed.

Keep praying for the Haiti and its people!  Thanks for looking at/reading all that :)

Tomorrow's focus:  WORK.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Char. I've so been looking forward to hearing about y'alls time down there. Looking forward to reading more and seeing your pictures.


  2. The one thing that is always left standing, is Jesus! I love the way you "captured" that photo!

    I love you 2,


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