Friday, April 2, 2010


The time has arrived.  Our bags are packed and ready to go.  We are leaving EARLY tomorrow morning and flying out to HAITI!  I am a mixed bag of emotions--super excited to be going, anxious to leave, sad as to what we might find, and anticipating differences between this year and last (aka preparing for differences!)  I think it will be a great, hopefully fruitful trip.

There is a link to the Haiti blog on the right side of our blog--check it out! It should be updated (hopefully) regularly while we're there.

Please pray for our team.  Here are some specific prayer needs:

*strength and endurance (the kind that comes only from the Lord--we will need this both physically and spiritually!)
*health (given current Haiti conditions, health issues could and are likely to be iffy)
*that we would grow in the Lord and grow as a team (there are 30-some of us going!)
*that this would be a fruitful trip

Thanks for your prayers!

And I know all 5 of our blog followers will miss not having a post to read every day next week...haha ;) so, here are some precious Haiti pictures from last year to tide those of you over!

Be back next Saturday (and maybe I'll be back a lil tanner, too ;)

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