Friday, April 30, 2010

Botany dos.

I was also debating titling this post "Flora and Fauna."  Did you know that fauna is actually "animals of a given region."  This might not be smart to admit, but I was thinking fauna was along the same lines as's to a college education, eh!?

But this really is a post about flora AND fauna.  There were some really awesome creatures hanging out at Duke Gardens the other day.  We have an AMAZING God.  I love admiring his handiwork.

It almost looks like he has on a suit.

Cardinals have to be the prettiest birds out there.

So in the process of taking pictures at Duke Gardens I not only learned more about photography, I also picked up some handy knowledge on correct science terms...go figure ;)

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  1. I love how the cardinal looks like he is cocking his head at you, like - "What are you doin?" :)


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