Saturday, May 1, 2010


Allergies you make me mad
Allergies you're not so rad
You tickle my nose and
I can't even smell a rose
Without a tissue at hand
I drip and itch
And my throat feels all scratchy
Oh, allergies...WHY ARE YOU SO WACKY!?

If I could, I would
get rid of you for good
But I can't so I'll suffer
And hope they'll get no rougher
One day I know
I'll breath freely again
Until then...pollen, please be my friend!

I know, I know, I'm a poetical genius ;) That pretty much sums up my month in a poem. Oh, I love spring but I so don't like allergies.  I know Melanie feels the same way.

At least spring is beautiful...but I am gladly welcoming MAY (take that pollen away!) I just can't stop rhyming...

Ok, I promise that's the end of up close, flower still lifes for a while.  They've had their fair share of blog post glory.  Stay tuned for some ravioli-making coming your way!

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  1. Pretty! I like the first one a lot - did you take that one in manual, or apply a filter after you took it?


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