Tuesday, May 18, 2010


There is one thing I look forward to every May... It's gorgeous, it's colorful, it smells good, it makes me smile REALLY big.

Are you curious yet?

It's the hydrangea flower bush that blooms in the front of our house!  Hydrangeas have got to be my favorite flower (second, I think, to sunflowers).  I enjoy watching them bloom all spring and look forward with anticipation to the end of May.

Why!?  Because at the end of May they burst forth out of their green-ness into all their colored glory!  And then I get so excited for a few weeks while their color lasts.  And unlike it's slow forthcoming, it's rapidly gone.  Into the world of brown, ugliness.

Ok, maybe that's dramatic.  But I do anticipate the beautiful blooms of this flower annually.  And so, it's ALMOST here!

Here's proof.

By Memorial Day weekend I should have an amazing photo to share of it's beautiful blue/purple color.  Now, aren't you as excited as I am!?

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  1. I totally know what you mean! Hydrangeas are my favorite flower! They were my wedding flowers and I adore them! I have a bush at my house and my buds are pink! I'm so excited!!


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