Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Wicked Date

Last Thursday night Jas and I got to go on a wicked, hot date ;)  We headed out for our new favorite restaurant, Mt. Fuji (in Brightleaf Square).  As a little sidenote/promo:  they have half off sushi on Thursday nights and AMAZING pad thai.  Jas stocks up on sushi while I indulge in their to-die-for pad thai.  They have lots of other Asian foods as well.  End promo.

We then killed some time and walked around Brightleaf Square and the adjoining area.  We particularly like that part of town. 

Here's a deli named after us...not really, but we like to think so ;)

Then we finally go to go see the play I have been so eagerly anticipating...WICKED (hince the title, I know, I know, witty...or wicked-y...ok, I'll stop).  It was perfect and I loved it.  The costuming, singing, dancing, lighting, and of course the plot where just what I had hoped they would be.  I wish I could've stolen a few shots during the play, but I know that's distracting, and thus here are a few shots from the night.

Now that is one wicked, hot date, if I must say so myself ;)


  1. Aww what a fun night! I am dying to see that musical. I hear it's wicked awesome! haha

  2. I LOVE WICKED! We were so jealous when we heard it was in Raleigh/Durham 7 months after we moved!!!!! I so would've been there!


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