Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Clampetts...or the Palmers?

We have been overly and abundantly blessed.  With storage sheds, as a matter of fact.  As a result, and in lieu of us hopefully moving soon (praying it sales first!), it was time to move one of the THREE sheds we have in our backyard to it's new home.  Nathan and Marianne's backyard.

We began a seemingly simple process.  One in which we all thought would be pretty quick and easy.  This, we soon found out, was more of an adventure...

Beginning to take the shed apart and putting it on the not-quite-large-enough trailer...

Hasta la vista, shed!  And so the slow trekking to Marianne's house over Guess road (and back roads) began.

After some help from these muscle-y men as it made it's way through the gate (barely).

And I only wish I knew how to get the pictures off of my cell phone from the road (they were humorous!).  At one point we stopped along Guess Road to readjust everything.  I was certain one of my students would ask me the next day "Was that you, Mrs. Palmer, on the side of Guess Road, with your HOUSE!?"

But, alas, we (shed and all) made it safely to the backyard.  After working in the rain, and getting some grub, the floor was installed, lawnmower rolled in, and all was good.  Good work, team!

*Please note that I was the photographer of the team and only lent my ever-so-impressive muscles on one occasion ;)*

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  1. haha! that is crazy seeing the shed on that trailer. I'm glad it made it safely to its new home. Ahh the joys of moving ;)


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