Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A New Stage

As school prepares to start back SOON (crazy how fast summer flies), I would normally be preparing to start back too.  However, since I won't be going back to teaching this fall...things are a little different around here.

I've entered a new stage of life.  The next five months of life are going to be....interesting.  It's kind of like I'm having an identity crisis!! I no longer teach, I don't have any kiddos to take care of (yet), I no longer have a house to keep up, and I have no regular job of any sort!  And that leaves me with, well, a good bit of free time.

Now, I'm not really the best with free time.  I kind of go crazy!!  I like being busy and having things to do.  Everyone wants to feel like they have purpose, right? So this is throwing me for a loop!

I have talked to a few wise women and have received great pointers.  "Be intentional" is what I keep hearing.  And that's just what I plan (and hope) to do!

I also want to remember that my PURPOSE is in CHRIST.  He's my rock and my foundation.  I was challenged by Danny Forshee's message in being the LIGHT and the SALT.  I want to make the most of these next five months.  After all, I won't get them back.  I only move forward from here.

So while this is a new and different, even somewhat challenging, phase of life, Christ is my hope.  I want to make the most of every moment and opportunity to share Him.

And....If you need to be tutored in Spanish, or want to be the subject of a free photo shoot, or need some babysitting, or wanna just meet for coffee...I'm your girl!  Oh, and I'm the queen at doing laundry, so I can hook you up with some clean clothes too ;) haha.

Oh, and because I love posts with pictures....how about a picture from the beach last August...when we got our talk on about going overseas, and got the ball rolling on this process.

Who knew this is where we'd be a year later? I'd say only the Lord :)

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  1. Oh, I hope you don't mind me sharing my 2 cents!!! Study the language!!! Anything you can get and have "in your pocket" will be all the more helpful. I studied a little before we came, but I wished I studied way way more. Obviously cause I'm quite busy with the kiddos...but anything you can learn now will help you on days when you just want a break, or when the Lord does give you children, you're that much further along. It's just helpful! And, it's a way you can go ahead and be intentional about sharing the Good News with Slovaks cause you're getting better at communicating. I hope that's not me getting too much in your business. It is just a regret of mine, so I wanted to share so it might not be the same for you.


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