Monday, August 16, 2010

Sushi Lover or Not?

The other night we had a SUSHI DATE with Marianne and Nate (like how that rhymed?) :)

Here's the thing...I have tried sushi at least five times.  Each time I end up with the same feeling...YUCK!  It just doesn't tickle my taste buds.  My husband, on the other hand, LOVES sushi and could eat it at all times (practically).  I know many other friends and family members who feel the same way.  They love it!

So, my sweet sis-in-law, much to my excitement, made me my own bowl of rice and veggies.  It was delish and perfectly non-sushi-esque! I did try a sushi, though, and I can say in all honesty, that it was a better piece of sushi than some of the others I have previously tried.  Good job, M-Anne!

This, then, is my question:  Do you or don't you like sushi?  Are you a sushi-lover, or is it a no-go for you? 

I think I'll just stick to rice and veggies for now...

But if you ever see a sushi roll walking around may just be my husband ;)


  1. I LOVE sushi and had it for lunch today! I've always thought that what makes really good sushi is having tasty sauces to dip it in, like a shrimp tempura sauce. Yum!

  2. I love sushi, but not always. The last 2-3 times I had it, I was with a big group of girlfriends and we all ordered different things and shared. Then, I found some things I like. There are some kinds of sushi you can get battered and fried and different ways like that. Maybe you could try some of those.

  3. Love sushi!! BUT - I am pretty mild in the raw fish department... I'll eat the kinds with shrimp, crab, or the non-fishy California roll. Not much for the raw eel! M-Anne's looks good tho!!

  4. I can't do sushi! I try it every now and then just to make sure I haven't changed my mind but the cold rice just grosses me out! I can't do it! Veggies and rice sounds good to me :)

  5. Can't handle sushi. It feels so gross in my mouth.


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