Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Packages, Please!

Technology has overtaken my life (all of our lives!).  Facebook. Check. Blog. Check. Itouch. Check. Email. Check. Twitter. Nope. Smart Phone. Nope.  So there you see, I have succumbed to a large majority of all things technological.

However, I am still holding on to my old school love of SNAIL MAIL.  Or, good ole letters and packages retrieved from the mailbox.  And I'm not talking your email inbox, I'm talking that wooden box in your front yard.

Tell me it's not a good feeling when you open up that box (or someone brings in the mail) and see a package with your name all over it.  No bills.  No junk mail.  But "thinking of you" letters.  Or packages filled with love.  Ahh, what good warm fuzzies :)

And since I've had a good bit more free time on my hands lately, I've gotten into the groove of sending some snail mail out.  (I'm thinking, hey, since I love receiving, shouldn't I send too?  Gotta share the love!).  I'm having a blast decorating and pouring love into these packages which will be sent to surprised recipients.

So if you ever want to send us a package, or just a "HEY!" letter, feel free...we will likely have large smiles on our faces :)

P.S.--If you want to receive a letter, let me know that too!

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  1. I love getting non-bill type mail!! I try to send it out but find that I keep foregetting. You've inspired me to sit down and send some soon. Thanks Char!

    Oh, and if you ever need my address, let me know :)


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