Saturday, November 13, 2010

From Football to Futbal

Last Friday night and last night we attended Northern High School football games.  Jason played football there and it has a special place in his heart.  Me, well, I don't mind football, but would much prefer to watch basketball and soccer.

However, I did enjoy watching our friend DeAndre rock the field!  We've gotten to hang out with him the past two years and he's a quality guy.  So, we snapped a photo with him post-game last Friday.  Sadly, they didn't win, but they did make it to the play offs which was last night.

(Yes, I do wear funny hats like this one that Jason affectionately calls "the blueberry")

We will miss (especially Jas) watching NHS games, but we are trading them in for FUTBAL games in Slovakia!  And we are just stoked about that :)

Bring on those headers and yellow cards...yeah!

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