Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Junk in the Trunk

That's the question we've been asking lately, "How much junk can we fit in our trunk?" as we are trying to figure out how much and what type of luggage to take with us to Slovakia.

We thought originally we could take two bags (or possibly more) each up to 100 pounds....nope!  As the lady at the airline counter said when referring to the instructions for luggage online "it's clear as mud!"  And indeed, figuring out what to take as far as luggage goes (and how much can go in it) has been just that.

BUT, we have finally figured it out after returning some previously purchased large bags...

We can take two bags each neither exceeding 70 pounds.  So we have decided to each take one of these:

That would be a rolling duffle bag and a trunk each.  We think the rolling bags will work well for all our clothing/personal needs.  Then the trunks should come in handy for more house related items.  

Whew, we're glad we got that figured out (even though we still have some time left).

Now to add all our junk to the trunks ;)

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  1. Char, remember how we got your girls' luggage home from Spain? (so you wouldn't have to take it backpacking). It was through carrymyluggage.com. They picked it up at the apartment in Spain and delivered it right to my door here. Something you might want to consider if you need to send more than the airline lets you take. You could have your family send it over once you have an address. There are more sites online that do the luggage delivery than there used to be. Just a thought. Jeannie


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