Sunday, November 14, 2010

Need Your Help!

Friends (particularly those in the Raleigh/Durham/NC area) we need your help!

We have finally decided NOT to crate our things and instead to just pack it all up in bags :)  We're excited about this decision, but it means we need YOU to help us out!

We have a few things that need good homes...

Take these for example:

-light colored wicker basket with cream-colored liner (medium sized)
-two large lime green storage drawers
-one smaller lime green storage drawer
-two canvas baskets with see-through windows (off-white color)
-darker brown woven basket (small-medium sized)
-two large brown/tan woven baskets with lids (awesome!)
-blue/white Rowenta iron
-silver over-the-door shoe rack
-two large, long, see-through under-the-bed storage boxes
-two black file folder holders (horizontal-not upright, if that makes sense)

We can negotiate prices, but we're talking cheap here!  Think the best yard sale prices you can imagine :)  Or do you know of a friend who may need/could use any of the above?  Let us know!

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