Sunday, June 12, 2011

26 weeks!

26 weeks of life in the womb for baby!!

We went to the doctor this week and found out she is nearly 2 pounds now.  She's also measuring a week ahead and looks as if she'll be a "big baby," according to the doc.  Yikes!  But exciting (though likely painful come time for birth ;)

She's quite the kicker, we may have a women's soccer champ on our hands, we'll see!

Nausea is still my constant companion, but hey, it will all be worth the toilet-hugging come September.  We're just praying for a healthy delivery, and most importantly, a healthy baby.  Thanks for joining us in prayer!!

P.S.- we've decided to hold off on sharing her name (cruel, I know).  Yes, we have one that we love, but we want to introduce her to the world when she comes into it ;) 


  1. Love the belly! Sorry about the nausea :( And yes it IS cruel, but we'll be glad to meet baby girl and learn her name all at the same time. Not much time left!
    Oh...and that "measuring big" thing... don't put a lot of weight in it! (pun intended;) I've had so many friends be induced because of "big" babies and they turned out to be 7.5 lbs... then my baby was supposed to be a "normal" baby and he came out at 9lbs. Ultrasounds are not scales! :D

  2. Just want you to are cute....and you are being covered with prayers.....and I love you. That is all....oh....and I miss you....that is all :)


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