Thursday, June 16, 2011

Meatball Zucchini Cream Pasta

We are major pasta eaters.  We Palmers know how to devour some pasta.

So at an attempt on creativity in the kitchen the other night, this is what I came up with...

Meatball Zucchini Cream Pasta

You need:
your favorite type of pasta 
one zucchini
meatballs (homemade = Giada de Laurentis style/frozen = Charity style)
one package garlic & herb cream cheese
a little blob of butter
shredded mozzarella cheese

1.  Cut your zucchini into small chunks and start your water boiling.
2. Place meatballs in pan with a little oil on low to medium heat.  Let them get going for a couple minutes, then add zucchini chunks.
3. Meanwhile, boil your pasta according to package.
4. In another pan add your butter, cream cheese, garlic, and oregano over medium heat.  Let it all melt together, stirring often.  Add cheese.  Check consistency for how you like it (you can add flour to bulk it up or milk to make it thinner). 
5. Add cream sauce to meatballs and zucchini mix.
6. Drain pasta well.  Add a little salt and some pepper to pasta, then mix meatballs, zucchini, and cream sauce with pasta in large bowl.

Plate that yumminess and eat it up!

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