Saturday, June 18, 2011

Today We Serve!

We have been planning for weeks for this one day, today. Today was the day that we were going to serve the people of Bratislava by participating in a city-wide service project. There are different projects all around the city that you can volunteer for, so we decided to do one that was close to our home. Therefore, we get to serve our local community with people living close by. So we got up early, ate breakfast, packed a small bag, prayed together and walked to the project closest to our home. The one where we would be cleaning a local gymnastics gym. Foam pit, HERE I COME!!

So what do we find when we arrive? A sign on the door promoting the service project with yesterday and todays dates on it. GREAT!! But one problem. A man inside tells us that it is finished.  HUH? But the website and the paper on your door says it is Friday and Saturday. "Nope, we finished it yesterday."[In Slovak of course]. So much for serving here... So we decided to go to another site close to our home. Once again, they finished it yesterday. What kind of 2-day service projects are these?? Seriously, don't people use Friday to the prep work for the actual projects on Saturday? Nope. Not here. You get it done on Friday and if there is anything left over then you do it on Saturday.

Oh well, at least we still have a whole day ahead of us. Let's take our brand new frisbee outside and try to meet new people from our apartment complex. Great idea! Except for the part where the rain clouds come out and the people go in. NO!!!!

Well, since it is raining lets go ask our neighbors across the hall to hang out and play cards. Great idea! That is the way to take the initiative. "You want to play?" "Ummm...don't want to."

Man!! serving is a hard thing to do...


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  1. Sorry-Ya'll made me laugh out loud! I love your hearts! Keep on keeping on! Love and prayers!


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