Monday, June 20, 2011

Coming Soon: Cukes!

Remember back when I posted this photo (or a similar one) as progress of Jason's growing garden?

Well, his green thumb has proven fruitful and we have seen much growth since then.

Such as the budding of these lovely pepper plants...

But the most exciting thing happening in our little balcony garden is the likes of this cucumber plant.

It has really taken off and so much so that we feared for it's life and Jas had to string it up so it wouldn't bend under its own weight.

Seven lil tiny cucumbers have sprouted out and I so look forward (and hope) they'll continue to grow into Big Daddy Cukes!

Yessss!  Proud of my man :)

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  1. I envy your garden... we were just saying how sad it is that we have to buy tomatoes this year :( Your cucumbers will grow huge, I'm sure. Remember if you leave them on the vine too long they will start to sour. Hm, so good with salt and vinegar and tomatoes!


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