Friday, March 30, 2012


I particularly enjoy dyeing eggs each year at Easter.  I also like trying new creative methods of dyeing them.

My inspiration this year naturally came from pinterest (rubber band stripes and sticker dots).

White eggs are quite hard to come by around here, so we went with brown eggs again.  As you can see, the dye takes quite well to them still and they're pretty vibrant in color!

I don't know exactly what happened with my eggs, but the color got splotchy in some places and scratched off in others (too much vinegar? brown eggs? new type of dye? combination of all these things?).  Nonetheless, I'm pretty smitten with the bright colors, of course ;)

I will say the two methods I tried didn't work so well for me. The rubber bands popped off too many times to count causing poor stripe-age (yes that's a new word!) and the stickers didn't stick as well as I was hoping.  Ahhh, oh well, they're still fun and I'll take it.

More Easter posts to come, but couldn't resist posting these cheerful colors :)


Add on:

Jas and I decided to give some more eggs a nice color bath...only this time we did it right.  Actually, Jason remembered how to dye brown eggs right from last many thanks to his smart brain for remembering.

You're supposed to bathe the brown eggs in vinegar BEFORE you dye them.  He remembered once they were already in the color, so we just let them soak and then peeled them and dunked 'em again.

I present to you my (new) favorite eggs...

All you ever wanted to know about dyeing brown eggs?  There ya go!

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