Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 30: I made it!

Whew, 30 days down.  That seemed to go by really fast!  I truly enjoyed this challenge and taking a photo a day.  It challenged me creatively and also gave me a very neat recap of February to look back on (I'll share in a moment).

But first, my last, but not least, photo for the month...

My very trusty camera.  It's a far cry from a very fancy professional camera, but I really couldn't love it more.  It serves it's purpose very well.  And I feel like we have a mutual relationship.  I understand it and it understands me.  We're like best friends, but not, because it'd be weird to be best friends with something non-living, right? ;)  All that to say, I'm a big fan of my lil Nikon D5000.

Now for a full recap of all 30 photos...

So. much. fun.  Way worth it to be able to look back and have a cool visual representation of February 2012.  I for sure forsee myself doing this again in the future...probably later on this year.

Ok, let's do this, March!

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