Monday, March 19, 2012

Little Croissant

I was lying on the couch taking a nap (read: trying to bounce back from lack of sleep due to a little one whose schedule is off) when I suddenly noticed that Elise was quiet.

She was on the floor playing...or at least that's what I thought.

Instead she decided to roll herself up like a little croissant in her blanket.  My motherhood instincts kicked in and I quickly got up (er, slowly rolled) off the couch and grabbed the camera.

Her croissant had unrolled a little by the time I got back, but you get the idea.

And yes, I did put her in happy rainbow baby leggings for the day, because, well, they're just too fun not to! :)


  1. I love her peeking out...and aren't baby legs fun?? I love those rainbow ones!

  2. HAHA! That's too cute. And I must say, I LOVE the baby leggings. Is it ok to put these on little boys too? I'm just sayin ;)

  3. I agree, the baby leggings are so cute. She is precious!


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