Thursday, March 22, 2012

Real People Food!

{Disclaimer:  This post is full of pics...and while I think Elise's baby mouth covered in potato mash is priceless, some may get tired of so many pics...proceed at your own risk.  You've been warned ;) }

Well, after picking myself up off the floor from realizing that our daughter is a whoppin' 6 months old, we broke down and gave her real people food!  (How can it be that time goes by so fast!?)

I spent an afternoon earlier this week preparing some foods to freeze.  I boiled, baked, and blended up some sweet potatoes and green peas.  Then, yesterday, we gave the sweet potatoes a whirl.

I think she was a little uncertain what to think at first, but then she seemed to like it alright!  She managed down about five yummy bites :)

Pre-food smiles.

Posing with mom.

Here goes!

Haha!  Such uncertainty...

Daddy's turn.

Still a little confused, but we were pretty impressed at how well she did for it being the first time.

And now for a video of her finishing up... (it's actually her last bite of her first bites...does that make sense?)

Oh my.  What. a. big. girl.  Up next week...BANANAS.


  1. The pictures are great :) It feels like just yesterday I was making food for my girls and giving them their first bites! Such precious memories.

  2. Yummy! (seems like the right comment to post with this big-girl food and such a cute baby!) :)

  3. Wow! Precious! Love her sweet faces and love how you love her!


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